Boho Chic Beach Beauty

The stars aligned for me in a beautiful way recently; I am a firm believer in what you ask for, is what you get. I knew that I wanted to start creating more and felt a deep desire to really pursue doing makeup whole heartedly again. I got caught up in the every day hustle and let my makeup art kind of fall by the wayside. It's true that when you are doing what you truly love, it shows in all facets of life. I haven't been doing much makeup lately and I felt an anxiety about it, a disconnect from it. So to get things going again I decided that I was going to cure my anxiety by being proactive! No more wishing and hoping, instead I would take action

I reached out to my wonderfully talented wedding photographer, Chris Sosa; I had recently hired him to shoot my upcoming wedding and explained to him that I am a makeup artist and that I wanted to create a portfolio. I asked if he would be willing to work with me and create some styled bridal shoots. He was on board and I was thrilled. The next alignment came when a friend of mine came in for a facial, she was filling me in on what she had been doing since last I had seen her... she just recently got certified to become a wedding and event coordinator! I jumped on the chance to ask if she would be a part of the styled shoot Chris and I wanted to put together. She said yes! So with some planning and lots of running around (on Diana's part) we were able to put together to really beautiful styled shoots, IN ONE DAY! It was beautiful and so inspiring! 

So, the creative juices are flowing. I am ready to perfect my craft and share it with you!