natural makeup session

Cindy Sellati

Is a makeup artist and skincare expert in Miami, Florida. She has been practicing the art of makeup for over 15 years and has been immersed in the world of skincare for over 10 years.

Cindy's approach to doing makeup aims to showcase a woman's true essence and beauty by accentuating the things they love the most about their image. This love of keeping true to a woman's natural beauty spurred the idea of creating Free Spirit Beauty, a place where women can come to be inspired, not overwhelmed, by makeup and beauty!

Cindy loves making women feel their most beautiful, whether it be making them look flawless on their wedding day, or giving a woman that extra bit of beauty boost to make her shine on a night out on the town! She revels in the friendships that blossom over time after being involved in some of women's most unforgettable moments of their lives! 

She feels that every woman is truly unique and beautiful in their own right - she doesn't believe that there is one right way to do makeup. Sometimes less is more and if more makes your heart sing, then go for it!

Be free, be spirited, be beautiful YOU!